Why should I use Onenote?

In our previous blog post we talked about apps that are great for on the go note taking. We mentioned the Notes app that comes standard on iOS, as well as Evernote, YouDaoNote, and OneNote.

Living our lives on the go like so many of us do going from meeting to events to home life, it is necessary to have a good place to store all of the information that we need. Some of us prefer the old pen and paper method, but the reality is that it is hard to keep track of that. Most of us have a smart phone or tablet and there are a myriad of apps that can help us stay organized and on top of our busy lives. Today we are going to focus on the app Onenote.

Onenote is a cross-platform app which that in itself is a huge draw to some. A cross-platform app simply means that it can be use on multiple platforms. Onenote works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and many more. Essentially, Onenote is easily accessible. Even better than the fact that it is a cross-platform app, it is free!

Onenote is also a very easy to use app that can be used as your note-taking tool for school or meetings, as a daily journal, a recipe tracker, task or project management system, and so much more. Essentially Onenote can streamline your life.